Tell ICE: Ingrid Belongs Here!

Ingrid Encalada Latorre has called the United States home for half of her 33 years. She lives in Colorado with her two US citizen children, Bryant who is nine years old and Anibal who is two years old. Ingrid has been fighting to stay with her family for seven years, and is now stuck in limbo after having to seek sanctuary for the second time at a local church because ICE wants to deport her.

Ingrid deserves her freedom. Click here to demand that ICE stop her deportation so that she and her children can return home in peace.


Ingrid worked for many years at a nursing home to support herself and her son, and like millions of people who need to support their families, she used documents she had purchased to be able to work. This led to her arrest in 2010. Her lawyer at the time recommended she agree to a felony plea, and she completed 4 1/2 years of probation and paid $11,500 of back taxes. However, she didn't understand that the plea would have negative consequences for her immigration case.

Last November Ingrid had to seek sanctuary in a church in Denver, fearing that she would be deported and separated from her young children. Thanks to the pressure of the community, she was finally granted a couple of months stay of deportation. Unfortunately she wasn't able to reopen her case and the only thing that could protect her was to receive a pardon from Colorado Governor Hickenlooper, but he refused to do so. Ingrid was forced to return to sanctuary where she's living with her 2 year old son and only sees her oldest son in the weekends.

Ingrid is now seeking a "Pardon Resolution" from the Colorado legislature. Sign this petition to support her request. Ingrid’s family and community needs Ingrid home now.